Primary Resources

- No yogi is an island




Don't Just Sit There!  pdf from the Washington Post




Fairchild, Diana. Office Yoga, At Your Desk Exercises. Flyana Rhyme Publishing. (1999)

Gach, Michael.  Energy Medicine for Women. Tarcher/Penguin, New York, NY. (2008.)

McGonigal PhD, Kelly. Yoga for Pain Relief. Newharbingerpublications, Inc. (2009)

Swami Satradananda.  The Power of Breath.  New York, 2009.  





WEBSITES:  These sites have interesting, practical articles and practice video.


Baxter Bell

short practice videos

Yoga for Healthy Aging blogs

Kabel, Olga articles and videos

Kaminoff, Leslie  Weekly anatomy videos.

Keller, Doug and author of several books and articles.

Pearson, Neil  and

Overcome Pain, Live Well Again. DVD. (2008).

Overcome Pain with Gentle Yoga, Level 1. DVD. (2009), more available.

Breathing Techniques for People in Pain. CD audio practice, (2008).

Body Awareness-Based Pain Reduction. CD audio practice, (2007).